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This story is set on the continent/island of Nauka (nah-u-ka). The island has no centralized government, instead various cities or towns are responsible for the maintance of the surrounding land. The only organization that has island-wide presence in nearly all villages and cities is the religious organization known as The Church. 

Nauka is also infested with creatures within the wilds known as the Fiends. The Fiends are a classification of creatures who's body is infected with a substance known as the Anima. This distinction is separates the Fiends into a class of creatures who's power is wholley above those that do not posses the Anima, humans included. As such Fiends are the ultimate predators consuming the flesh of animals, humans, and even other Fiends.

Larges forces are incapable of moving freely throughout Nauka as such large concentrations of humans attracts both powerful Fiends. As such trade is largely limited what small caravans can transfer and war between humans in largely non-existent due to being unable to mobilize large forces across long distances as all armies would arrive tired, injured, if not entirely picked off.

Civilization is safeguarded by The Hunters. Humans spliced with the Anima, which are the only ones capable of effectively combating The Fiends. Hunters are produced by and tied to The Church, which is the only organization with a sufficient enough understanding of the secrets of Anima to be able to do so safely. 

Main Page

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